Social Entrepreneurship Education Programme India

Social Entrepreneurship India is a project supported by DICE Consortium that uses the resources developed through the Social Entrepreneurship Education Programme India (SEEPI) which was supported by the British Council from 2015-2017.  The project aims to support the expansion of social enterprise activities across India with a mix of partners and organisations. The model is also being adapted to support partners in a number of other countries.

Project Objectives

Mainstreaming Social entrepreneurship education as a focus area in Higher education institutions

Curriculum & Learning Material Development in social entrepreneurship for introduction across disciplines and levels of higher education

Knowledge sharing and exchange between India and UK to promote social entrepreneurship education

Creating support network comprising of incubators, education institutions, investors, civil society for enriching social enterprise education & extension

Intellectual Outputs

Someone with basic awareness but limited business administration or management experience
Digital alert/savvy
Delivery Context:
5-8 sessions across 1-2 months with development of business plan as key outcome
At least 70% face-to-face interaction supported with on-line material
50-100 hours total learning

Someone who has launched a SE, interested in stabilising or maturing the SE
Requires more detailed and specialist content
Time-poor due to “running” the SE
Delivery Context:
12-16 sessions across 3-6 months
Approximately 25% face-to-face interaction supported with extensive on-line material
150-250 hours total learning

Someone who has established 1 or more mature SEs, and interested in innovation, growth or replication in additional locations
Requires extremely specialist and nationally relevant content
Extremely time-poor due to leading the SEs
Delivery Context:
4-6 face-to-face sessions across 1-2 years
On-line masters level material including 4-6 residential masterclass workshops
1200 hours total learning (2000 including dissertation)